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Maternity hospitals should have a menu

Maternity hospitals should have a menu

Hamshahri Online – Paraneh Bandapi: Childbirth is a long process that makes many pregnant mothers tired and many of them also have constant fear that something might happen to their fetus. This fear makes many of them want to give birth by cesarean section and prefer it to natural birth so that nothing bad happens to their child or themselves during the birth.


Experts say that if women are sufficiently aware of the conditions and changes in their bodies during pregnancy, participate in birth preparation classes, have a midwife with them and trust the accompanying midwife, not only will they not be afraid of pregnancy, but they will have a pleasant pregnancy. And they will have a sweet and memorable experience, and finally they may decide to give birth naturally. But if they don’t know about the changes in their body during pregnancy and don’t study and don’t participate in childbirth preparation classes, they may have a difficult and difficult pregnancy and may not choose the right delivery method for themselves.

But many women still don’t know who the accompanying midwife is and how important it is, and is it a new issue in our country? Many women consider having a midwife as a luxury and unnecessary. Many of them also think that the work of the accompanying midwife is only for the day of delivery.

The field of midwifery in Iran is 100 years old/ we have childbirth preparation classes since 25 years ago
In this regard, Dr. Nahid Khodakarmi, the president of the Iranian Midwifery Association, told Hamshahri Online: ‘Companion midwifery is not a new issue in our country, and since 2005, its definition and regulations were compiled and promulgated in the country, and it was very popular with mothers.’

He says: This issue is not new either in Iran or in the world, but it has become more known and common in recent years. Birth preparation classes have been held in our country for about 25 years. These classes are held by midwives.

Dr. Khodakarmi says: Just as we like to enjoy eating and sleeping and other things, pregnancy and childbirth should be pleasant for a woman so that she can endure it for 9 months. The accompanying midwife performs this pleasant treatment for expectant mothers.

The president of the Iranian Midwifery Association continues: 15 to 20 percent of pregnancies may be accompanied by a complication. For example, the mother has an underlying problem such as diabetes or blood pressure. Or when she becomes pregnant, the fetus may be in a condition that requires specialized services.

The rest of that 85% do not need any specialized services. The only thing they need is that first, they take care that no complications occur in them, or in case of complications, we get to know sooner. Second, it is to make pregnancy and childbirth enjoyable for the mother, so that the mother’s fears and worries are reduced. Like the pleasure of eating food that I gave as an example. This care is definitely necessary and needed. These cares have been and are being provided by midwives all over the world. Midwives have always provided these services in our country.

According to Khodakarmi, midwives in our country have had university education since 1998. It means that midwifery has existed in Iran for more than 100 years. Now, midwives provide pregnancy services in all health centers of the country.

Pointing out that the accompanying midwife provides motivational and pleasant services to the mother during pregnancy and delivery, she says: We spend money for all our wishes and desires. We even beautify the bathroom and toilet, which satisfy our instinctive needs, and care about its appearance. In order to have a healthy and pleasant pregnancy, it is important to pay attention and pay.

Is the accompanying midwife only for women who have a natural delivery?/ The accompanying midwife service up to 40 days after deliveryThe head of the midwifery association says: the accompanying midwife service is for both women who want to give birth naturally and for women who want to give birth by cesarean section. Because the accompanying midwife services start from the beginning of pregnancy until 40 days after delivery. After giving birth, the care of mother and baby is more needed. Mother needs special support during breastfeeding. Because many mothers experience sadness and depression after giving birth, or have problems taking care of the baby, or suffer complications themselves. Of course, the accompanying midwife is completely optional and at the request of the mother and is not mandatory at all.

Dr. Khodakarmi says: If a pregnant woman wants an accompanying midwife, it is the duty of all medical centers, whether private or government, to provide her with the conditions of an accompanying midwife. One point that our policy makers and decision makers have forgotten, especially in the population headquarters, is that they want to increase the fertility rate, but they do not have the assessment of the mother’s needs, which is very important, on their agenda.

The head of Iranian Midwifery Association says: We have ministerial regulations and midwives have tariffs. If you talk to expectant mothers, you will see how much they feel relaxed and satisfied that they have a midwife with them.

Dr. Khodakarmi emphasizes: Childbirth is an 8 to 20-hour process, and the way of managing the birth is important, and it is necessary to take care of the mother one-on-one, and if the mother has someone by her side on the day of delivery who she already knows and in the preparation classes Familiar childbirth feels calm and reassuring. Mothers themselves admit this. We should not say that there is a hospital and a surgeon and that’s it. No, these are not the needs of the mother. The main need of a pregnant mother is to be supported so that her delivery is pleasant.

A 24-hour accompanying midwife is available to the expectant mother/ it is more necessary to have an accompanying midwife in public hospitals The head of Iranian Midwifery Association explains about the importance of accompanying midwife: one of the features of accompanying midwife is that during pregnancy, on the day of delivery and after delivery, she is at the disposal of the pregnant mother 24 hours a day. Whatever happens to the pregnant woman or if she has any questions, she can call her accompanying midwife. Midwife if necessary and special symptoms.

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