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Providing free medical services to the people of Fahraj

Providing free medical services

The provision of free medical services to the people of Fahraj, with priority to the poor, was started by the medical teams of Shahid Thaghafi Jihadi Group of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences for 3 days.
This project under the title of Martyr of Police, Ismail Jalali Sadr from tomorrow, Tuesday, until Thursday, for 3 days, with the efforts of the Fahraj Corps Basij Resistance District and with the cooperation of the governor, district administration, police force, municipality, health center, education and education, welfare, relief committee, Red Crescent, Dehiari and Islamic Council of Sekhoor and Asadabad, centered on the village of Sekhoor, part of Nagin Kavir.

The full program of the free visit is as follows.

Dental team: Location, Shahid Soleimani Sekhoor sports hall Services: tooth extraction, children’s tooth restoration Medical team: location, school behind the gymServices: doctor, ophthalmology, cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, injections, free pharmacy Cultural team: location, school adjacent to the medical team Services: skill training classes, coloring, Quranic classes, story reading and working with children Circumcision team: location, health center of Asadabad Angouri village Services: Circumcision of children under one year of age, the circumcision team works on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Obstetrics and women’s team: location, Health House Services: Gynecology and obstetrics

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