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Celebrating the Essential Role of Midwifery Worldwide 2024


Remaining time until World Midwife Day 2024:


International Day of the Midwife

Today, May 5th, marks the celebration of International Midwives’ Day, dedicated to recognizing and honoring the hard work and dedication of midwives around the world.

Midwives are healthcare workers who specialize in providing prenatal, postnatal, and childbirth care. They are an integral part of ensuring safe pregnancies, deliveries, and postpartum recovery of both mother and baby. In many countries, midwives are also responsible for educating and empowering women to make informed choices about their family planning and child rearing.

International Midwives’ Day highlights the important role midwives play in their communities. Unfortunately, midwives are often undervalued and under-resourced. Lack of funding and resources makes it difficult for midwives to provide care to those who need it most. In many developing nations, fewer than 50% of births are assisted by midwives due to the lack of trained professionals in rural areas.

The International Confederation of Midwives of (ICM) is the lead organization in advocating for improved pay and working conditions for midwives globally. ICM recently launched the Global Strategy for Midwives, a project that aims to increase midwifery care by ensuring that every country in the world has an adequate number of educated, competent, and registered midwives.

On International Midwives’ Day, we take a moment to recognize and honor the extraordinary work of midwives all over the world. Their dedication and commitment to improving the care of women, newborns, and their families is essential to global health. With continuous support from governments, communities, and healthcare organizations, midwives can continue to make a difference one birth at a time.

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