Marzia Mousavi

Marzia Mousavi

Ms. Marzia Mousavi, Midwife job profile

Education Degree : Bachelor of Midwifery
Name and Location of Education: University of Tehran
Medical Registration Number: م60681

Clinic Address (Workplace): Kermanshah – Motazadi Hospital
Clinic Telephone (Workplace):

Mobile Phone: –
How to call a mobile phone: –

Additional Information:

  • Specialized counseling and treatment for women’s diseases
  • Counseling and treatment for vaginal and urinary infections
  • Specialized treatment for ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Counseling and treatment for breast diseases
  • Sexual counseling and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and genital herpes
  • Examination and counseling for hymenoplasty
  • Pre-marital counseling and methods of contraception and sexually transmitted infections prevention
  • Nutrition during lactation and treatment of common lactation-related diseases
  • Nutrition counseling during pregnancy, warning signs, and treatment
  • Methods of contraception
  • Regulating irregular menstrual cycles and irregular bleeding
  • Pre-menstrual pain and treatment with herbal remedies
  • Specialized counseling for gender determination and diet and various specialized techniques
  • And with a background of working in hospitals, clinics, and private centers.
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Marzia Mousavi

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Bachelor of Midwifery

Midwife job profile

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