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The world’s first artificial womb facility


Introducing EKtolife the world’s first artificial womb facility

powered entirely by renewable energy.

EKtolife allows infertile couples to conceive a baby and become the true biological parents of their own offspring. It’s a perfect solution for women who had their uterus surgically removed due to cancer or other complications.

EKtolife is designed to help countries that are suffering from severe population decline, including Japan, Bulgaria, South Korea, and many others. The facility features 75 highly equipped labs, each state of the art lab can accommodate up to 400 growth pods or artificial wombs. Every pod is designed to replicate the exact conditions that exist inside the mother’s uterus. A single building can incubate up to 30,000 lab grown babies per year.

EKtolife allows your baby to develop in an infection free environment. The pods are made of materials that prevent germs from sticking to their surfaces. Every growth pod features sensors that can monitor your baby’s vital signs including heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation. The artificial intelligence based system also monitors the physical features of your baby and reports any potential genetic abnormalities.

The pods are equipped with a screen that displays real time data on the developmental progress of your baby. These data are sent directly to your phone so you can track your baby’s health from the comfort of your zone. The app also provides you with a high resolution live view of your baby’s development. A special section in the app allows you to watch a time lapse of your baby’s growth and share it directly with your loved ones. Because babies can record.


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