Farahnaz Rashidi

Farahnaz Rashidi

Ms. Farahnaz Rashidi, Midwife job profile

Education Degree : Bachelor of Midwifery
Name and Location of Education:
Medical Registration Number: م37139

Clinic Address (Workplace): Nr. 222, Atar St., Atar 12, Razavi, Khorasan Province
Clinic Telephone (Workplace): +98 5143348039 , +98 5143332867

Mobile Phone: +98 9367277915 , +98 9387457915
How to call a mobile phone: WhatsAppTelegram

Additional Information:

  1. Providing online and in-person visits in the office with prior arrangement, treatment of genital warts… consultation on emergency contraception and safe prevention of unwanted pregnancy, consultation and treatment of sterility and infertility of couples.
  2. Providing all midwifery and gynecological services and treatment of gynecological diseases in the office, infertility consultation, sexual disorders consultation: premature ejaculation, herbal treatment of sexual disorders and increasing sexual skills, determining the sex of the fetus by determining the time of intercourse, consultation of skin diseases of the genital area and vaginal atrophy or dryness, cancers Women and uterus and breast, breast self-examination training.
  3. Natural childbirth, treatment of genital warts without side effects, full consultation on genital warts and herpes, online and face-to-face consultation, prescription of Gardasil vaccine for high-risk people, examination in terms of other sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.
  4. Pregnancy, pre-pregnancy and postpartum counseling.
  5. Treatment of sexual diseases: genital warts and herpes, types of uterine and vaginal infections, vaginal atrophy and dryness.
  6. Treatment of menopausal symptoms.
  7. Puberty counseling and hymen health card issuance (Hyman).
  8. Increasing sexual skills and counseling sexual disorders and vaginismus or fear of sex.
  9. Removing the darkness of the genital area by providing a suitable solution.
  10. Treatment of infertility and ovarian laziness.
  11. Pap smear and genital wart or HPV test.
  12. Consultation and prescription of Gardasil vaccine.
  13. Counseling for male fertility and gender determination.
  14. Regular check-up of breast examination along with education and counseling for the prevention of breast diseases and breast cancer.
  15. Treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding before puberty.
  16. Reproductive age and post menopause.
  17. Child nutrition and development counseling, vaccination and breastfeeding and problems during breastfeeding and child development.
  18. Treatment of infant jaundice at home with advice on infant jaundice, ear piercing from infancy to adulthood
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Farahnaz Rashidi

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Bachelor of Midwifery

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