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Establishment of midwifery service department

Establishment of midwifery service department

Ali Nikunhad, Vice President of Health of Ilam University of Medical Sciences, in an interview with the Fars News Agency reporter in Ilam, said on Thursday morning: More than 190 personnel of health and treatment networks will provide health care services in shifts in order to provide services to Arbaeen Hosseini pilgrims. .
He added: This number of personnel includes doctors, environmental health experts, disease fighting experts, midwives, psychologists, and laboratories, who provide various services such as visiting patients, monitoring food, water, and health protocols.

Ilam University of Medical Sciences Vice President of Health continued: Also, one of the most important measures taken in this direction is syndromic care to identify 16 diseases at the border entry points, including infectious, respiratory, intestinal diseases, etc.

Niko Nehad pointed out that due to the large number of pilgrims, there is a possibility of the spread of these diseases among the pilgrims, and these measures will be investigated before the pilgrims enter the country.
This official pointed out that if the pilgrims are infected with any of the mentioned diseases, these people will be quarantined and then introduced to the relevant medical centers, and pointed out that this year’s Arbaeen is in line with the youth of the population and the orders of the Supreme Leader in this regard. For the first time, a department of midwifery services, mother and child care has been established at Mehran border.

This official said: Considering that water health is one of the most important factors in preventing the aforementioned diseases, environmental health experts continuously and carefully examine water health every day.

Emphasizing that the chlorination test of drinking water is performed approximately 15 times a day, Nikonhad clarified: also monitoring the processions at the border and checking the food used are other things that environmental health experts check every day and if it is rotten They destroy their food.

According to the Fars news agency from Ilam, Mehran international border is one of the most trafficked borders of the country for the departure of Arbaeen Hosseini pilgrims.

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