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What is the best bread in terms of nutrition

What is the best bread in terms of nutrition

Surveys conducted in Iran have shown that people consume wholemeal bread less and white bread more.
This is despite the fact that whole-wheat bread (such as sangak) has a higher nutritional value than bread made with white flour (such as lavash).
Over the past years, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences has taken many measures to increase the amount of bran in bread and culture and inform people, with the aim of increasing the consumption of bran bread in Fars province.

Breads made with wholemeal flour have a darker color, and people should know that the color change in this type of bread is not due to its quality loss; Rather, it happens due to the increase in the percentage of bran in it. Wheat bran is rich in fiber and B group vitamins, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Many researches have shown that the consumption of wholemeal bread helps to prevent and treat many diseases, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Some of the most important benefits of consuming wholemeal bread:
Whole grains stay in the digestive tract longer than whole grains and give a person a feeling of fullness, which can be effective in controlling weight and preventing obesity.
Wheat bran is one of the insoluble dietary fibers that has a great effect in preventing constipation and other colon diseases.

The fiber in bran binds to bile acids or fats and prevents the absorption of food cholesterol and fat, which reduces blood fat and indirectly prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.
Consuming wholemeal bread increases blood sugar slowly compared to white bread, and as a result, it can help control blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

Bran is one of the desirable foods for beneficial intestinal bacteria, which acts against intestinal microbial diseases and activates the body’s immune system.

Whole grain bread is rich in magnesium, which is important for the functioning of muscles and the nervous system, and strengthens bones and the immune system.

Iron, folic acid and other nutrients in whole grain bread help to improve the physical and mental development of children.

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