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About Mojgan Zolfagharian
About Mojgan Zolfagharian

Mojgan Zolfagharian

is dedicated to providing useful information about women, family, health, beauty, children, and maternity, and creating a welcoming space for mothers and women to explore.

Mojgan Zolfagharian graduated from Iran’s Medical Sciences University in 1995, having focused on midwifery. Alongside her research and translation of the latest scientific articles in various areas of health, she has gained extensive clinical experience in midwifery over the years.

In 2001, Mojgan Zolfagharian recognized the significant need for women to have access to reliable and credible sources of information on various areas of health, and founded the ParsaPajouhesh Arian Cultural Institute with her colleagues. One of the institute’s initiatives was the design and launch of a midwifery and women’s health information website, which was approved by the Ministry of Guidance and registered there.

Academic and Research Records - Mojgan Zolfagharian

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM)
Master’s degree in Teaching English in Medical Field

Mojgan Zolfagharian - Academic Resume

Mojgan Zolfagharian - Academic and Research Records

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In 2011, Mojgan Zolfagharian pursued further studies in English language education (with a specialization in medicine) at Tehran’s Kharazmi University. She continued her cultural work with the ParsaPajouhesh Arian Institute and remains in service to the women and mothers of her country.

In this magazine, Mojgan Zolfagharian provides collections of practical, new, and scientific news for the purpose of promoting cultural awareness and information in areas such as psychology, midwifery, nutrition, and health. She strives to create a pleasant and entertaining environment for her valued users by providing diverse and engaging content. If you have any questions or concerns about an article’s content or translation, you can contact her through the website.

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