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Expectant mothers benefit from technology

Expectant mothers benefit from technology

According to the reporter of Anna Science and Technology News Agency, maternal health is one of the most important programs in primary health care during pregnancy. Since the growth period of the fetus is very important in all stages, it can be said clearly that using any method and facilities is also important.
All over the world, mothers benefit from special facilities so that they can spend the best period.

In this regard, various technologies are used; Therefore, the importance of this issue in our country is not less than in other countries; Therefore, the use of technology for Iranian mothers, if approved, can greatly contribute to the better development of the fetus and the comfort of mothers.
In the same way, researchers of the country are always trying to use technology with their ideas to provide better conditions for mothers during pregnancy.

Based on this, we wanted to make a report about the introduction of a number of technological ideas.
Recently, an event was held, which was technological ideas in the field of maternal health. This event was held under the title of mother, child and baby idea market with the aim of identifying, monitoring and attracting capital for knowledge-based companies, new ones, start-ups, technological projects and innovative ideas. In Idebazar, researchers are trying to solve the challenges and problems of mothers, babies and children.

The technological ideas of midwifery experts in the mother, baby and child idea market are as follows:
Specialized maternal medical equipment store, maternal pain reducing massager, infertility diagnosis devices are among the achievements of this field that we have introduced.

Setting up a specialized store for health and medical equipment for pregnant and lactating mothersLaleh Azim Shaghaghi, an idea developer and midwifery expert, told the Anna Science and Technology News Agency reporter about the design of the first specialized health and medical equipment store for pregnant and lactating mothers: There is a wide range of equipment for lactating mothers; Therefore, we tried to design a specialized store full of tools with a focus on consultation.

He added: ‘In this store, we try to provide mothers with advice on the use of any device they purchase.’ Also, the construction of this store creates a suitable job opportunity for the midwifery group. The most important distinguishing feature of this store is the design of the space for midwifery consultation and the promotion of natural childbirth and breastfeeding by midwifery experts and female staff.Azim Shaghaghi stated that the midwifery group is doing its best to provide a new service to mothers, babies and children in the construction of this store. We plan to create a hypermarket with all the needs and equipment needed by a nursing mother.

This group is the missing piece of the country’s education puzzle.

He said: By removing social and cultural barriers, we will pave the way to provide a wide range of necessities in a single place, which has not been available until now. The abilities of the midwifery group are clear to all people; Therefore, we used this segment to create specialized stores so that it can be well directed.This midwifery expert said: If we want to make the products of this store stand out from the ones in the market in terms of advantages, we can point out that the specialized store for health and medical equipment for pregnant and lactating mothers in terms of services, consultation space, and corrections , follow-up, effectiveness according to population policies in sync with the government.

Azim Shaghaghi added: This store is a place for knowledgeable providers in sales services with the aim of correctly expressing the needs, getting the desired results in the selection and improving the effectiveness in the consumption of women’s exclusive goods. All women eligible for fertility, during the decision to get pregnant, pregnant and new mothers after giving birth and breastfeeding, and all fathers and people who have agreed to work hard for mothers during pregnancy and after giving birth, are part of the target group of this store.Stating why we chose pregnancy and breastfeeding, he reminded: We chose this course to learn about common problems in pregnancy, academic knowledge of pregnancy physiology, and principles of solutions. The services of this plan continue for 4 years from the time the mother becomes pregnant until after the birth of the baby.

The research plan has reached the result and profitability and the pilot plan has been carried out.

This midwifery expert added: the services available in medical and health stores, uninformed purchases and unprofessional male sellers, frequent visits for each medical and health item, the gathering of women’s services in a single place and the pursuit of effectiveness and economic justification in line with the population policies of the government in The increase in births is one of the most important advantages of this store.

Azim Shaghaghi noted: Currently, this store is open, but the main goal is to develop this store. Mothers are eager for these stores to exist in the far corners of the country, as they struggle with many problems to meet even the smallest of health needs.

Making a massage device that reduces the pain of childbirth makes the natural process of childbirth sweeterTo reduce the pain of childbirth, researchers succeeded in making a device that makes this natural process easier and sweeter for mothers and they feel less pain than before. Therefore, expectant mothers are eager to use this device.

These devices must be performed under the supervision of a gynecologist so that pregnant mothers do not have any problems during childbirth.

Mana Faraz, midwifery expert, inventor and manufacturer of the massage device that reduces labor pain, saying that mother’s efforts are irreparable, said: When I entered the profession of midwifery, I was constantly thinking about what to do so that I can reduce the suffering of mothers. By researching ways to reduce labor pain, I came across a good method, but this method could not be implemented because it took too much energy from the midwife.

He added: In the past, reducing the pain of childbirth was done through pressure massage. This massage is very helpful in reducing labor pain

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