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Midwifery information of the IRAN

Midwifery information of the IRAN

Midwifery information registration system of the IRAN

You must complete and submit the relevant form carefully, then your documents will be checked and after the documents are approved, your profile as an active member will be visible on the website and you will be able to use the services and facilities of this system.

Note: The accuracy of your information and medical system code of IRAN will be checked by The Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council , please be careful when entering the information.
Registration in the midwifery database
Registering in the midwifery database is an important step in the professionalization of midwifery activities.
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Email display
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Dear doctor, if you are a member of the system and you want to edit your information, select the option to edit information, and if you are a new member, select the option to register new information.
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Note: The medical system number must be registered and match.

Office Address (workplace)
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