Training Special Birth Coaches for Pregnant Mothers

It is certified that Ms. Mojgan Zolfagharian, midwife specialist with medical license number M_2776, has successfully completed the training course for childbirth readiness classes for expectant mothers, which was held by the Iranian Midwifery Scientific Association , for a total of 60 hours (35 hours theory and 25 hours practical). She has obtained a score of 80 out of 100 (theory and practical) to complete this course.

Mojgan Zolfagharian

Iranian Midwifery Association

The following content is about the training of specialized childbirth coaches for pregnant mothers. In this description, the training of childbirth coaches specifically for pregnant mothers is examined. Childbirth coaching generally focuses on educating and preparing individuals to handle the process of childbirth. However, the focus here is on pregnant mothers and the coaches who are responsible for accompanying and guiding them during the prenatal and postnatal stages of childbirth.

This training teaches pregnant mothers the necessary skills for natural or cesarean childbirth. Throughout the training period, pregnant mothers become familiar with tools such as breathing techniques in different stages of childbirth, exercises to strengthen the necessary muscles, and methods to reduce labor pain. This training also helps pregnant mothers in areas such as healthy nutrition, self-care and fetal care, communication methods with the newborn, suitable physical exercises, coping with stress and anxiety, and many other tools and skills.

The purpose of this training is to increase the knowledge and skills of mothers in the field of childbirth and to build confidence during the childbirth process. With the help of specialized childbirth coaches, pregnant mothers can prepare themselves for a better and stress-free experience during childbirth.

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