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Mojgan Zolfagharian

Global Pranic Healing Foundation

The Global Pranic Healing Foundation, Malesia, Philippines IRN/AHK-B06/220, Mojgan Zolfagharian participated in the initial Pranic Healing therapy course, November 2006, for 3 days.

World Pranic Healing Foundation,Inc.

Global Energy Therapy Foundation

Energy healing or energy therapy is a therapeutic method that focuses on principles such as energy and the impact of energy on the body and mind. It is used as an alternative approach to improve and enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

In this method, it is hypothesized that every individual has an energy field around them, and all these energies have an influence on the behavior and state of others and the individual themselves. By using energy healing, the function and balance of an individual’s energies are regulated to a better state, and negative or stagnant energies are improved.

Common methods such as Reiki, bodywork, dowsing, and mental contracts utilize energy healing. These methods can involve spiritual encounters, breathing exercises, the use of magnets, or dietary, scheduling, exercise, and performance-related practices.

Energy healing is used for stress reduction, improved sleep, immune system enhancement, pain reduction, improved mental functioning, and personal growth. While these healing methods may not be recognized by some as legitimate alternatives to conventional treatments, many individuals believe that they have experienced emotional and spiritual improvement through the use of these methods.

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